Robert Piguet

Op het hoogtepunt van de Parijse mode van de jaren '30 en '40 verbeelden de welsprekende ontwerpen van Robert Piguet's de verpersoonlijkte verfijning en verleiding. Hij werd met zijn haute couture de lieveling van Frankrijks upperclass. Robert Piguet werd de vertrouweling en mentor van Christian Dior.

In 1944 bracht de couturier zijn eerste parfum Bandit uit. Fracas, de succesvolle follow-up, blijft een klassieker en is de lievelingsgeur van veel van de meest gedenkwaardige vrouwen in de wereld.

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  • Robert Piguet Bois Noir

    Bois Noir relies on rich woods and warm balsams to tell its story; however, the result is radiant and nuanced. Sandalwood and patchouli form the bittersweet heart of the composition, with guaiac wood lending its smoky rose twist. The layer of cedarwood softens the darkness of Bois Noir and sets the stage for the caressing touch of amber and musk. Meer info
  • Robert Piguet Calypso

    Parfumeur Aurelien Guichard heeft zichzelf weer overtroffen met deze nieuwe geur Calypso, het is een bloemige, orientaalse geur. Geranium, mandarijn, Bulgaarse roos, Centafolia roos gecombineerd met patchouli, amber en suede. Meer info
  • Robert Piguet Casbah

    Modern and elegant, Casbah has plenty of twists and surprises. The warm whispers of black pepper and nutmeg introduce the delicate green melody of angelica root. The effervescent opening then softens into a heart of iris embraced by tobacco leaves. Cedarwood provides a polished backdrop for the intricate smoky floral accord, while the incense wrapped around the salty vetiver makes for a smooth finale. Meer info
  • Robert Piguet Fracas Edp : 100 ml

    Fracas is Robert Piguet's most famous scent, favoured by celebrities and Royals since its creation. It's a lush white floral scent designed to 'create a little chaos'. Distinctly feminine, this intoxicating classic combines Tuberose, Jasmine, Violet and Gardenia with a hint of Orange Blossom, before giving way to a base of Sandalwood, Vetiver and Musk. Fracas is a fragrance for women who want to make an unforgettable impression. Meer info
  • Robert Piguet Futur

    Futur is the latest, long-awaited release from Robert Piguet, in a line of revitalized, re-orchestrated fragrances by famed perfumer Aurelien Guichard. Futur, Robert Piguet’s romantic green floral woody fragrance originally launched in the 1960s, has been reintroduced. Futur fuses fresh citrus, romantic flowers and rich woods. Vivacious and dynamic, Futur blends lively notes of bergamot and neroli along with a green spring-like bouquet of violet and the sweet richness of jasmine and ylang, which evolves into a radiant base of vetiver, cedar and patchouli. Futur is the fragrance for those who dazzle the world with their impeccable style. Meer info
  • Robert Piguet Gardenia

    Het Franse merk Robert Piguet lanceert de prachtige geur Gardenia. Meer info
  • Robert Piguet Mademoiselle Piguet

    The radiant Mademoiselle Piguet captures the beguiling beauty of orange blossoms, from their bright verdancy to their rich warmth. The exhilarating citrus prelude suggests a lighthearted character, while the smoky sweetness of tonka beans lends Mademoiselle Piguet a sensual touch. Clinging to the skin like warm silk, Mademoiselle Piguet enchants with its gentle and charming scent. Meer info
  • Robert Piguet Notes

    The high pitched prelude of bergamot and clary sage sets the stage for the gentle aria of orange flower and geranium. The exhilarating start leads to the sonorous timbre of oakmoss and tonka bean. The dark tones of costus further deepen the composition, while the green clarity of vetiver lends it an elegant counterpoint. Meer info
  • Robert Piguet Oud

    Oud, a rare resin released by Aquilaria tree species, has a fragrance of such haunting beauty that it has inspired many legends and stories. Saffron and myrrh accent the leathery warmth of oud, while patchouli, with its bitter chocolate note lends a rich complexity. The smoky guaiac wood provides a sumptuous backdrop, against which the honeyed sweetness of woods anointed with incense appears even richer. The cool vetiver notes temper the darkness of the composition, resulting in an elegant and mysterious fragrance. Meer info
  • Robert Piguet Visa

    A blend of spices, flowers and fruits from different areas of the globe, Visa opens with lush notes of white vineyard peach, pear, bergamot and yellow mandarin essences. Heart notes include rich ylang mingled with rose and orange flower. Patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla beans compose the drydown. Meer info

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